CoolMax CTI-500B Power Supply

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CoolMax CTI-500B Power Supply

With dual 80mm fans cooling your system, the CTI-series keeps running smoothly. It comes with an automatic setting to adjust the fan speed according to the level of heat. The hotter your system, the faster the fan spins, and the faster your system cools. With great ventilation, you no longer have to worry about your system overheating. It is dual PCI-E connectors ready for your graphic rendered fun.


- Dual PCI-E Connectors (at 700W)
- Dual 80 mm fans built for long life, durability, and fastest cooling time
- Automatic fan setting available for most effective heat dissipation
- APFC/PPFC (Optional)
- Over voltage protection, short circuit protection on all output levels
- Tube-tied on the main connector for clean look and feel