Kodak Directpress 5334 DI System

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Kodak Directpress 5334 DI System

The KODAK DIRECTPRESS 5334 DI digital offset system combines the high quality of offset printing with the automation and efficiencies of digital printing, all at an affordable cost.

Highly automated, the transition from digital file to printed page is smooth and rapid with all four plates being imaged simultaneously on press, in perfect register. The modular unit allows the flexibility you need to develop your short-run color business, and the ability to upgrade your equipment as your business expands.

Standard features and benefits

* 16-micron spot size: provides high-resolution, high-value printing
* Auto blanket cleaner: reduces time between jobs for faster turnaround
* Fully automated, on-press platemaking, mounting, and cleanup: cuts the time and operator involvement needed to get to the first sellable sheet
* Waterless printing: exceptional print quality, with more accurate and consistent color throughout the run

Optional features and benefits

* Ink roll cleaner: reduces time and effort during wash up and color change
* IR dryer: provides quicker access to finished sheets
* Plate saver: optimizes the use of plate material on smaller-format jobs
* Feeder pre-pile: saves operator time, allows loading of stock for the next job, while the current job prints
* PDS-E integrated densitometer or PDS-ProE integrated spectrophotometer: simplifies the reading and automates the adjustment of color on press