Kodak Versamark DS9100 Printing System

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Kodak Versamark DS9100 Printing System

The KODAK VERSAMARK DS9100 Printing System with a 9-inch printhead can print at speeds up to 1,000 fpm (300 mpm) at 300 x 300 dpi.

Designed to support the modularity of KODAK VERSAMARK printing systems and printing environments, the DS9100 Printing System may be easily integrated into many different configurations, such as in-line with an offset press, all while printing 100% variable data.

The combination of speed, quality and flexibility makes the DS9100 ideally suited for high-volume commercial printers.

Features and Benefits

* 8.96" print width
* Stitch up to two KODAK VERSAMARK DH91 Printheads for a total print width of 17.92 inches
* High throughput - up to 1,000 fpm
* 300 x 300 dpi
* System can include up to 16 printheads
* Low cost of operation
* Flexibility to mount in a variety of configurations