Mitsubishi DPX 4 Silver DigiPlate System Digital Polyester Platesetter

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-12
Mitsubishi DPX 4 Silver DigiPlate System Digital Polyester Platesetter

Advanced drum with outstanding output
The drum in the DPX 4 is based on the latest manufacturing technologies. It is made of extruded aluminum to achieve extremely high precision and accuracy. DPX 4 will expose at any resolution between 1200 and 3000 dpi. This is achieved by automatic and dynamical adjustment of the spot size through varying laser intensity and focus. This results in a perfect spot that gives you high quality prints.

DPX 4 comes standard with a Bacher 425mm punch with the possibility to change to a new position very easily. It can also be field upgraded for Bacher 220mm punch as well as Komori 550mm punch.

The built-in processor is a twin-bath processor with one temperature controlled activator tank with mechanical stirrer and circulation pump to ensure even processing and a stabilizer tank. Both tanks have sensors for controlling the chemistry level and active replenishment to ensure the correct level of new chemistry in the tanks and to achieve precise activation of the polyester plate. The dryer unit is sensor equipped for computer controlled temperature, ensuring a correctly dried plate, ready for use. DPX 4 takes no engineer, and with the maintenance friendly design, the processor requires only little attention and gives you more time for your core business - Printing.

User friendly interface
The DPX is controlled by the PC based DotManager interface. This very easy-to-use interface gives you full control of the unit allowing you to monitor machine activity at any stage of the processing. The DotManager covers everything from defining material set-ups, material compartment selections and setting up the processor preferences. Service can even be done remotely by your service provider, using remote software feature thus keeping service cost down.

Flexible front-end connections
DPX 4 can be connected to any common front-end workflow. Esko-Graphics offers a choice of one of three different software options. EskoTiff, a simple 1-bit-tiff interface for connection to other Rips or workflow, or our well-known RipMate or FlowDrive 4. Regardless of your workflow – we have the solution for you.

Expand your business
DPX 4 is ideal for the 4-up market, especially together with the imposition feature of our FlowDrive workflow. One media compartment for 61m of 0.2mm polyester plate on 6 inch core and one 425-mm Bacher 2000 plate punch come as standard. Plate size up to 750 x 680mm (26,77 x 29,5").