Mitsubishi 3000R Double Diamond Sheetfed Presses

Mitsubishi Updated: 2007-09-12
Mitsubishi 3000R Double Diamond Sheetfed Presses

With automatically convertible perfecting up to six-over-six plus double tower coaters, the Diamond 3000R Double Diamond prints a wide range of two-sided, multicolor products. In the perfecting mode, the press can process thin paper up to 12-point board stock. When converted to straight printing, it easily handles paper and board stock up to 0.024 inches, as well as specialty substrates.

Double coating
The Double Diamond can be configured to allow printing with conventional inks, energy-curable inks and coatings, and combination hybrid/aqueous applications. Inline coaters before and after the perfecting unit enable printers to print and coat both sides of the sheet in a single pass. The improved pressroom productivity and superior image reproduction is ideal for covers, annual reports and packaging-related materials.

Precise operation
The Double Diamond press features a smoother paper path with fewer transfer points. The three-cylinder sheet-reversing unit delivers smooth sheet transfer and extremely accurate front-to-back registration. A double-gripper mechanism ensures precise gripper-to-gripper transfer. Specially designed ceramic jackets mounted on all impression cylinders after the perfecting unit prevent ink buildup and eliminate offset.

* Auto-Preset Inking System (API III)
* COMRAC - (Centralized Operator MakeReady and Control)
* Feeder and Delivery Presetting System
* Impression Pressure Presetting System
* Microprocessor-Based Controls

* Blowdown Fans
* Pile Height Control
* Pile Pallets (2)
* Sequential Impression On/Off
* Sheet "Slow Down" Wheels
* Sheet Counter
* Static Eliminator
* Total Revolution Counter

* Continuous Stream Feeder
* Double Sheet Detector (Mechanical and UltraSonic)
* Feeder Board Suction
* Misregister Detector
* Mitsubishi Side Guide
* Overrun Detector
* Pile Height Control
* Pile Pallets (2)
* Side-Lay Detector with Misregister Alarm
* Static Eliminator

Feeder & Delivery
* Emergency Impression Off
* Static Eliminators
* Tachometer

Printing Unit
* Automatic Ink Roller Cleaning System
* Automatic Lubrication
* Automatic Plate Cylinder Positioning System
* Cam-Closed Grippers
* Chrome Plated Impression Cylinder (Double Diameter)
* Complete Spare Set of Covered Rubber Rollers
* Complete Spare Set of Uncovered Rubber Rollers
* Mitsubishi 3-Position Dampening System with Preset Speed Curves
* Perfecting Unit
* Plasma-Coated Cylinders (Plate and Blanket)
* Quick Plate Clamp System (w/Stationary Pins)
* Refrigerated Recirculation to Printing Units
* Remote Roller Control (Ink/Dampening Form Rolls, Fountain Rollers)