BenQ MP723 Projector

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BenQ MP723 Projector

A sight to behold
The MP723 pleases the eye with its stunning visual medley: a housing that mixes a glossy midnight black sheen and richly textured leather. Adding to the sleek sophistication is the brushed metal keypad and its stylish geometric layout. When you have the MP723 in the classroom, great viewing can be found not only on what's on-screen but when you behold the projector itself.

Picture quality perfected
The MP723 delivers great viewing with excellent specifications and a bevy of advanced technologies to ensure the best possible picture quality.

Bright lamp Rated at an extra-bright 3300 ANSI lumens
The MP723's lamp provides a clear, vivid image even in environments such as the typical classoom where it's impractical to block out extraneous light.

High contrast ratio
The high 2000:1 contrast ratio means fine details and subtle color differences are rendered vividly even in darkly lit scenes.

Texas Instruments advanced on-chip BrilliantColor™ technology boosts mid-tone colors, increasing overall brightness and producing a more vibrant picture.

UNISHAPE is a sophisticated technology that processes light emitted from the projector lamp to increase brightness and contrast, provide more flexible color correction, and enable full digital control AdvantagesMore colors (1-2 additional bits per color possible)/More Brightness /Higher Contrast /Easy changing color temperature without brightness losses/More colors at dark scenes/Less artifacts - dithering, rainbow effect is diminished with new 6 segment color wheels (RGB Magenta Yellow Cyan)

3D Color Management
3D color management lets users fine-tune the hue, saturation, and gain of primary colors to achieve the exact picture quality desired.

Wall Color Correction
Wall color correction provides automatic optimization for different surfaces, such as a classroom blackboard, that might be used to display content instead of a regular projector screen.

Maintenance made easy
The MP723 takes the hassle out of maintenance and security, while including features that ensure reliable long-term operation.

Easily accessible lamp door:
With an access door on the top of the housing, the MP723 makes it easy to replace the lamp.

Long-lasting lamp:
Changing the lamp, simple as it is, will be a rare task on the MP723, thanks to a long-lasting lamp that provides 4,000 hours of use—typically meaning many months pass before replacement is needed.

Detachable keypad:
To secure the MP723, the keypad can be easily removed, making it impossible to operate the projector.

Security Password:
By setting this password, users can prevent unauthorized use of the projector.

Auto Off:
An automatic power-down function when the projector is not in use extends the life of the lamp.

Simplicity itself
The MP723 is designed for ease of use, with an intuitive interface and a number of convenience features that take the hassle out of common tasks.

Presentation timer:
An on-screen timer helps users run presentations more smoothly, while keeping the audience's attention focused on the show and not their watches.

Power On/Off Tone:
To let you know when the projector has warmed up and is ready for use, or when it has cooled down after use, a handy alert tone is available, so you don't have to inspect indicators visually.

Quick Auto Search:
This feature automatically detects when a video source is connected, for plug-and-play simplicity that will get you up and running with a presentation without hassles.

Panel key lock:
Locking down the keypad puts an end to the embarrassment and disruption of accidentally pressing a control button and activating the associated function during a presentation.

12v Trigger:
For greater user convenience and to simplify the use of a motorized screen with the MP723, a 12V trigger is integrated so you can operate the screen directly from the projector.

On-screen FAQ:
For the rare occasions when a user wants help with a feature, there is an on-screen FAQ that will answer most questions-avoiding the need to dig out and search through a printed manual.

11 Sets of Application Mode:
11 application modes A wide range of application modes provides instant access to optimized presets for specific usage scenarios.