BenQ MP730 Projector

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BenQ MP730 Projector

Impressive styling
The sleek looks of the MP730 are sure to attract appreciative glances. A glossy midnight-black housing is deftly accented with richly textured leather panels. A brushed metal keypad with its elegantly geometric arrangement of keys completes the superb visual design. The MP730 conveys a tasteful opulence that that elegantly complements the professionally run business presentations at which it excels.

Hassle-free operation
The MP730 is not only designed to be easy and intuitive to use, but it boasts a range of convenience features that make it simply a pleasure to run a presentation.
Presentation Timer: An on-screen timer helps users run presentations with professional ease, while keeping the audience's attention focused on what's onscreen and not their watches.
Power On/Off Tone: When the projector has warmed up or cooled down, a handy tone alerts you, letting you continue with other tasks rather than check indicators visually.
Quick Auto Search: When a video source is connected, the MP730 detects it automatically for plug-and-play simplicity that will let you start a presentation without delays.
Panel Key Lock: Put an end to embarrassing disruptions due to accidental button presses by taking advantage of this feature to lock down all control panel keys during a presentation.
12v Trigger: A 12V trigger is integrated into the MP730 so you can operate a motorized screen directly from the projector so there's one less device to keep track of.
On-screen FAQ: A helpful on-screen FAQ will answer most any question you have about using the MP730—without the need to dig out and search through a printed manual.
11 Sets of Application Mode: Eleven application modes allow you to instantly make optimized settings for specific usage scenarios.

Minimal maintenance, maximum security
The MP730 takes the hassle out of maintenance, simplifying routine tasks, while making security easy to implement.
Easily accessible lamp: door It's a snap to replace the lamp on the MP730 because the access door is located right on the top of the housing.
4,000 lamp hours: Easy as it to change the lamp, it's a task you'll rarely need to do, thanks to a long-lasting lamp that provides 4,000 hours of use.
Detachable Keypad :To absolutely secure the MP730 from use by unauthorized persons, the keypad can be easily removed, making it impossible to operate the projector.
Security Password: For more flexible access control, a password can be easily set and changed to allow use only by authorized persons.
Auto Off: With this feature activated, when the MP730 is not in active use, it will be automatically powered off, extending the life of the lamp.

Personal / Business Projector
- DLP® Technology
- WXGA Native
- 2200 Lumens
- Brilliant Color
- Detachable Keypad
- 4000 Lamp Hour(Eco Mode)