Sony VPLFW41 3LCD WXGA Projector

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Sony VPLFW41 3LCD WXGA Projector

A powerful Installation Networking Projector featuring a 4500 lumen color light output, 3LCD technology and WXGA native wide resolution for high image quality. A perfect fit for education, government, corporate, house of worship and hospitality applications.


* Native WXGA 1280 x 800 Wide Resolution
* 4500 Lumen Color Light Output
* 2 RGB HD D-sub 15-pin inputs
* 1 RGB/Component 5 BNC input
* 1 Digital RGB/Component HDMI Input
* Monitor Out: Analog RGB HD D-sub 15 pin with variable audio out
* RS232C
* Network control: RJ-45
* Network Presentation: content delivery over a network
* Control S in
* Do not need to uninstall the projector to change the lamp or filter
* Synchronized Lamp/Filter Replacement


Outstanding Brightness: The VPL-FW41 achieves an outstanding color light output of 4500 lumens for dynamic, large-screen presentations, tthanks to Sony's BrightEra LCD Panels.

Extremely High Wide Resolution: Offering native wide resolution (1280 x 800), the VPL-FW41 projects extremely clear and detailed high quality images even on a large screen.

3LCD Projection System: Because the VPL-FW41 adopts a 3LCD projection system, projected images are bright and natural. 3LCD is a projection system using three LCD panels (also known as high-temperature polysilicon or HTPS). This system provides high light transmission and excellent color reproduction. It also provides smooth gradients in dark areas, and even helps prevent color breakup.

Rich Interface: Accepts a wide range of input signals including HDMI, composite video, S-Video (Y/C), and computer signals up to UXGA (fV: 60Hz). Equipped with 5 BNC connectors, these projectors accept signals from a host of sources as well as support long-distance signal transmission.

High Picture Quality: The VPL-FW41 incorporates 12-Bit 3D Gamma Correction Circuitry to perform highly accurate gamma correction, achieving uniform image color and brightness that extends right to the corners of the screen. What's more, the 3D Digital Comb Filter separates Y signals from C signals with great accuracy, which emphasizes fine images and shape boundaries.

Installation Flexibility: Extremely flexible with ceiling, floor and rear screen installation capabilities. However, the VPLL-1008 can be used for floor installations ONLY. It cannot be installed upside down.

Network Capability: The VPL-FW41 can be controlled and monitored via a network. Therefore, the projector status can be verified and simple controls such as powering the unit on or off can be performed. Also, the system can be set up to send automatic email reports to designated recipients for scheduled maintenance, including projected lamp life. Additionally, when the projector is installed on a LAN, presentations can be projected from any PC on that network - whether connected wired or wirelessly. Switching from presenter to presenter is as easy as clicking a mouse – there's no more fussing around with cables.

Maintenance Made Easy: When it's time to replace the lamp, a message will appear onscreen. Lamp replacement and filter cleaning can be performed quickly and easily without uninstalling the projector, since the lamp is accessible from the side of the projector and the filter from the front. Furthermore, the filer and lamp replacement timing is synchronized at 2000/3000Hrs.

Dynamic Detail Enhancer (DDE): This unique Sony video-enhancing technology incorporated in the VPL-FW41 projector generates high-quality images of outstanding clarity. For interlaced video sources, I/P (Interlace/Progressive) conversion is applied to the signals to project clear and sharp progressive images. When displaying film-originated sources, signals converted by 2-3/2-2 pull down are detected, and each frame of the original film is accurately reproduced.

Power Zoom/Focus/Picture Shift (Horizontal and Vertical): The Zoom, Focus, and Horizontal and Vertical Picture Shift functions available with the projector's supplied power-operated lens and optional lenses (with the exception of the VPLL-1008) can be controlled both from the projector control panel and the supplied Remote Commander™ unit. Images can be easily adjusted to the desired settings both during installation and when the projector is in use.

Centered Lens Design: The centered lens provides symmetry for a balanced installation and makes setup very simple.

Twin Stacking Capability: When applications require double the light output, this projector can be twin-stacked. Pictures from the two projectors are then matched using the Picture Shift function on each unit. The optional VPLL-1008 lens cannot be used when twin stacking.

Direct Power On: Activating this function allows you to skip standby mode to power on the VPL-FW41 immediately. Direct Power On is ideal for large-scale facilities such as museums, auditoriums, and conference halls, with images ready for projection as soon as the circuit-breaker on the switchboard is turned on.

ID Function for Multi-Projector Installation: The VPL-FW41 has a built-in ID function, so each projector can be controlled independently from a single Remote Commander unit. For multi-projector installations in a single room, this feature is indispensable both during installation and operation.

Digital Keystone Adjustment: Vertical Keystone distortion of up to +/- 30 degrees can be digitally corrected via the OSD and/or Remote Commander unit. This enables detailed images to be projected with their correct geometry, even when installation space is limited.

Monitor Output for Presenters: The OSD used for control of the VPL-FW41 projector is available in 16 languages: English, Dutch, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai and Arabic.

Quiet Operation: Incredibly quiet, allowing for smooth and undisturbed presentations. The low fan noise is attributed to a highly efficient cooling system based on Sony's latest technology.

Multi-Function Remote Commander Unit: The supplied Remote Commander unit for the VPL-FW41 is useful for both setting up the projector during installation and changing settings for a presentation. This unit has buttons for direct input selection, so users do not have to toggle through the entire range of inputs to select the desired one. With the projector ID function, each projector in a multiple-projector installation can be controlled independently from a single remote.

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