Olympus DS-3400 Digital Voice Recorder

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Olympus DS-3400 Digital Voice Recorder

The DS-3400 provides high-quality performance in an easy to use device – perfect for professionals on the go. The sleek, compact recorder provides a simple push-button design, which means many features and customizable options are quickly at your fingertips. Convenient benefits such as removable SD memory (SD and SDHC), PC link capabilities, and intelligent DSS Player Pro Dictation software make the DS-3400 an essential device in professional dictation.

Dss Player Pro Software
DSS Player Pro software provides direct recording to your PC, automatic retrieval of typed documents, automatic distribution of recordings via email, and much more.

Ds2 Recording.
Newly developed DSS Pro (DS2 format) with improved high-quality sound provides highly compressed file size and superior clarity. Supports USB 2.0 High-Speed which enables high speed file transfer to your computer.

Sd Removable Media.
The supplied 1GB SD Card provides an ample amount of memory and the durability and reliability you need in a removable media card. The DS-3400 also supports SDHC memory cards.

Three Programmable Buttons.
Customize the DS-3400's functions to suit your dictation needs. The recorder firmware can also be programmed for additional functionality and flexibility.

Device Lock Function With Password.
Lock or password protect your files to keep them safe and secure.


* SD and SDHC memory cards are supported.
* Better sound quality with DSS Pro QP (Quality Playback) mode.
* LCD supports and displays multiple languages, including English, French and Spanish.
* Push Button Operation is quiet and easy to use, resulting in high performance, comfort, and increased productivity.
* Supports encryption and decryption of dictation files and document files sent over the Internet.
* Up to 32 index marks per file.
* Device lock function with password lets you keep your files safe and secure.
* Durable USB connector and battery door.
* Verbal comment function lets you instantly search and play back verbal comments using DSS Player software.
* Two AAA batteries included.
* Centralized firmware update.
* Three programmable customizable buttons.
* Centralized navigation buttons for easy data input and settings.
* Manager tool for easy setup and customization.

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