Sanyo DSR-300Rxx Digital Video Recorder

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Sanyo DSR-300Rxx Digital Video Recorder


* Superior Horizontal Resolution of 520 TV Lines with Simultaneous Recording and Playback at 60 FPS

* Removable Hard Drive Capability

* Compact Size of 210 mm Width

* Five Different Picture Qualities and 27 Recording Speeds Enable Flexible Settings

* Audio Recording Available

* Series Recording Capability

* Instant Search with Five Different Modes

* Various Playback Functions

* Simultaneous Use with Three Recording Modes

* Built-in Motion Sensor

* CF Type II Expansion Slot

* Multiplexer Connectivity

* Built-in Control Terminal

* Provides Advanced Digital Performance Unavailable from VCRs

* Caddy with 80GB to 300GB Removable Hard Drive Capacity

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