Sanyo DSR-3706HxxxC Digital Video Recorder

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Sanyo DSR-3706HxxxC Digital Video Recorder

Recording and Display Features

* 6-Channel JPEG Digital Video Recorders
* 1-Channel Audio Recording
* 60 IPS Recording/Playback Engine
* 360 IPS Live Picture Display Capability
* Real-time Multi-screen Live Monitoring Split 4 and 6 Live Screen: 60 IPS/cell on DSR-3706
* Up to 520 TVL Recording and Display Resolution
* 27 Different Recording Speeds
* Various Recording Modes Normal, Alarm, Motion, Schedule, External Alarm
* Various Search Modes Alarm List Search, Alarm Thumbnail Search, Time/Date Search, Motion Search, and Archive Search

Storage Features

* Increased Storage Capacity Standard Configurations: 80, 160, 300 & 600GB Two Internal Hard Drive Bays
* Max Current Capacity: 600GB (@300GB x 2)
* Mirroring Capability on Internal/Internal HDDs
* Built-in CF Media Slot for Solid State Removable  Media

Other Output Features

* One Multi-screen and One Full-screen Monitor Output on Rear; One Multi-screen Video Output on Front
* Audio Outputs on Rear and Front of Unit
* USB 1.1 Terminals on Rear and Front of Unit (Cannot be Used Simultaneously)
* Optional Integrated CD-R/RW Unit (DSR-3706HxxxC)

Network Features

* LAN/WAN Control Capability (Built-in 100BASE-TX LAN
* UDP, TCP/IP and HTTP Server Network Protocols
* Simultaneous Access for up to 4 Users for Each DVR: 3 Live / 1 Playback
* Browser Based Control Interface for One to One  Control
* Works with Video Pilot - Network Video Management and Recording Application

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