Pioneer PD-R05 CD Recorder

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Pioneer PD-R05 CD Recorder

Compact Disc Recorder

* Stable Platter Mechanism
* Allows for the Recording of Standard Format Compact Discs
* Allows for the Playback of all Standard Format Compact Discs
* Records on Write-Once/Read-Many Compact Discs
* Integrated fs-converter (Converts 48 kHz or 32 kHz sampled sources to the Standard CD Sampling Frequency of 44.1 kHz)
* Sampling Frequency Indicators
* Digital Source Indicator
* 1 Bit DLC with Pulseflow D/A Converter
* Three-beam Differential Push/Pull Pickup
* Recording / Playback Interfaces: Two Digital Interfaces (Coaxial and TOS), One Analog Interface (Standard RCA Type)
* SCMS Monitor (Serial Copy Management System)
* Double-Deck Design (Servo and Digital Circuits separated from Audio Components)
* Auto Rec/Pause
* Auto Space Mute
* Manual and Automatic Track
* Previous Recording end Search
* FINALIZE (Table of Contents Write)
* Fade-in/Fade-out Recording
* FL Display Level Meter
* Stable Platter Mechanism