Sony BM-850T2 Microcassette Desktop Transcribing Machine

Sony Updated: 2007-09-29
Sony BM-850T2 Microcassette Desktop Transcribing Machine

Perfect for home or the office, the BM-850T2 microcassette desktop transcribing machine is ideal for anyone who needs to record an interview or phone conversation. The BM-850T2 features a LCD tape counter providing a digital readout of used tape length and elapsed time as well as a three function foot control for changing the mode from play, to fast forward, to rewind without having to remove your hands from the keyboard. The BM-850T2 also comes equipped with a chin-band style headset for convenient playback in both ears and is compatible with readily available, standard microcassettes.

Microcassette Desktop Transcribing Machine
uses easy to obtain, easy to store microcassettes for recording and playback convenience.

LCD Tape Counter
gives a visible indication of tape elapsed for rapid access and shows amount of dictation on the tape.

Telephone Record Function with Optional Direct Connect Device
allows for direct recording of telephone conversations.

Erase Function
may be activated in the rewind mode to automatically erase the recordings on the cassette.

Fully Adjustable Speed Control
allows one-finger adjustment for transcribing convenience.

Fully Adjustable Auto Secretarial Rewind
begins playback prior to where the tape was last stopped preventing lost dictation.

Tone and Volume Controls
are individual slider type, front mounted, and allow easy one-finger adjustment for transcribing convenience.

Includes 3 Function Foot Control and Professional Style Transcribing Headset
make the transcription process easy, allowing the mode to change from Play to Rewind to Fast Forward without removing hands from the keyboard. The chin-band style headset reproduces the sound in both ears for comfortable listening.

Can Be Used as a Desktop Dictating Machine with the Addition of a HU-80 Single Slide Control Hand Microphone
providing full control including electronic indexing to mark ends of letters and special instructions.

2-Speed Operation
makes it compatible with 2-speed microcassette portable recorders.