Sony SNCCM120 Fixed Megapixel IP Camera

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Sony SNCCM120 Fixed Megapixel IP Camera

The SNC-CM120 Camera has been especially designed for use in security applications. The camera incorporates and advanced progressive scan CCD with ExwavePRO technology providing extremely clear and detailed images for surveillance and monitoring applications. Unlike conventional network cameras that incorporate progressive scan CCD's with primary color filters, this camera uses a complimentary color filter to provide amazingly bright and high resolution images even in dimly lit environments, which is a common requirement for surveillance monitoring. What's more, the unique "Light Funnel" function increases sensitivity levels to provide extremely bright images even when monitoring moving objects at night.


* 1/3 type progressive Scan CCD with ExwavePRO technology
* 1.3 Megapixel - High Resolution
* Light Funnel Technology for High Resolution
* DC Servo IR Auto Iris Lens Capability
* Solid PTZ function
* Cropping Function
* Compact and Slim
* Dual Encoding Capability (MPEG-4/JPEG)
* DEPA enabled - Intelligent Video Analytics
* Intelligent Motion Detection (IMD)
* Sensor In/Alarm Out Ports - iEEE802.1 X Compliant
* Analog Video Output
* Variety of Power Options: AC 24 V, DC 12 V, or PoE

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