HP AlphaServer ES47 System

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HP AlphaServer ES47 System

Faster 1.15 GHz EV7 processors

The HP AlphaServer ES47 system with up to four EV7 Alpha processors is ideal for workgroup systems that place big demands on strained IT resources – especially when used for dedicated application servers, infrastructure servers such as web, proxy and mail servers, telecommunications and high-performance technical computing applications.

The AlphaServer ES47 system offers substantial advantages over past AlphaServer high performance solutions at the low end.


* Tower system (2 processors)
* Rack system (2 to 4 processors)


* 2 to 4 Alpha processors; EV7 1.15 GHz and 1.0 GHz
* 1.75 MB ECC on-chip L2 cache, 7-way set associative
* Up to 32 GB (8 GB/processor); RAID memory optional
* Up to 26 PCI-X slots, 6 PCI slots, 4 AGP 4X slots
* Up to 12.3 GB/s I/O bandwidth
* Up to 2 system hard partitions
* Complete "lights out" system management
* Instant Capacity on Demand
* Tru64 UNIX or OpenVMS