Motorola B-1 Video Server

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Motorola B-1 Video Server

Video Service Providers (VSPs) need to deliver advanced on demand services while optimizing their storage, streaming and network bandwidth costs in the face of realtime ingest of live content, rapidly expanding content libraries and flattening concurrency curves. Motorola B-1 Video Servers provide a flexible, reliable and high-performance platform for Video On-Demand (VOD), Time-Shifted TV, Network-based Digital Video Recording (nDVR) and On Demand Ad Insertion.

* World’s most widely deployed solid-state on demand server
* Designed for advanced on demand services and real-time ingest
* Extremely high performance
* Up to 19,200 SD streams per server
* Up to 1,280 SD ingests per server
* Supports up to 1.28 TB of DRAM per chassis
* Enables a scalable cache of pooled memory for distributed environments
* Supports library server for long-tail content
* Supports multi-speed trick modes without requiring trick files
* Error detection, correction, and reporting capabilities
* MPEG-2 and H.264 support

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