Bose FreeSpace 4400 Business Music System

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Bose FreeSpace 4400 Business Music System

The FreeSpace® 4400 business music system is an integrated four-zone system providing signal processing, routing and amplification for business music applications such as retail, restaurant and hospitality venues. The FreeSpace 4400 system delivers lifelike music and intelligible pages where they're needed - in up to four separate areas - inside or outside. Proprietary Power Sharing technology dynamically distributes 400 watts of system power across four zones, reducing the need for separate amplifiers.

System setup and configuration are accomplished using the included FreeSpace® 4400 Installer™ software and a PC. Elegant wall-mounted user interfaces allow for easy control of system functions such as paging, volume and source selection, allowing the owner to control system operation.

A suite of Bose® proprietary and patented technologies, designed specifically for business music environments, automatically help control the sound system. They can be configured with the FreeSpace 4400 Installer software and include Auto Volume, Scheduling, System diagnostics, Multi-zone Opti-voice® paging, Dynamic equalization and Opti-source® level management.

Auto Volume automatically ensures the music is neither too loud nor too soft. Volume levels are automatically adjusted to compensate for changes in background noise, according to the system settings. Additionally, Opti-voice paging provides seamless paging over music to the zones where you want it, creating a smooth transition between the music and page signals.

Bose loudspeaker equalization curves are pre-loaded for easy creation of FreeSpace systems with Bose loudspeakers. The FreeSpace 4400 business music system is engineered and tested for demanding business environments, and backed by a two-year transferable limited warranty.