Sony SRS-NWGM30 Walkman Speaker Dock

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Sony SRS-NWGM30 Walkman Speaker Dock

Unplug your headphones and listen to your favorite tunes out loud with this Walkman® speaker dock.

Plug in and play out loud with the SRS-NWGM30 Walkman® speaker dock. Designed for use with virtually all Walkman Video MP3 players that have a WM-PORT, this compact speaker system lets you listen to the tunes stored on your Walkman player anywhere in your home. In addition to delivering crisp, clear audio, this speaker dock charges your Walkman player. Remote control included.

Stereo speaker dock
Charges Walkman MP3 Player® through AC adaptor
Line-in function
2-way power supply (AC adaptor/battery operation)
Remote commander for distance control

Product Specifications

Weights and Measurements
* Dimensions (Approx.): 8.2 in x 2.5 in x 3.7 in
* Weight (Approx.): 16.58 oz

General Specifications
* Color: Black
* Output Power: 2w x 2w (10% T.H.D.)
* Speaker Impedance: 4.7

* Power Requirements: Three AAA batteries
* Speaker System: 40 mm Full Range, Magnetically Shielded
* Speaker Type: Full Range, Bass Reflex

* Remote Control: Yes

* Power Requirements: DC 5.2v @A (supplied AC power adaptor)

* Design: Bass relfex enclosure type design
* Interface: WM-PORT (22Pin) Compatible
* Output: Stereo Minijack
* Total Harmonic Distortion: 10 % T.H.D., 1 kHz, 4.7

Inputs and Outputs
* Output(s): 2W+2W=4W

Amplifier Section
* Impedance: 4 ohms

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