CoolMax CN-570 Network Attach Storage

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CoolMax CN-570 Network Attach Storage

CN-570 is both 3.5" PATA and SATA hard drives compatible, so regardless of which interface your hard drive has, you'll still be able to entrust it with the CN-570. Its practicality and usefulness goes beyond protection and sharing, but expands and supports a network printer server as well. This will help prevent all the computers from the clutter of unnecessary and sometimes insufficient printer cables. It is also compatible with DSL routers and modems! And with the Ethernet port, transfer rates can go up to 10/100 Mbps! This enclosure is fast, secure, and practical.


- Built in Ethernet Switch port, easy to access and share data on LAN
- Suitable for 3.5" SATA or IDE HDD
- Supports FTP server and DHCP server
- Supports network printer server
- Supports BT download
- Supports Samba server on LAN
- Compatible with DSL routers/modems
- Under network environment, it supports one 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port
- Password management provides secure access to HDD and web management
- Supports hardware reset function by pressing the reset switch
- Host USB available for external enclosure, Udisk, HUB…devices