CoolMax CN-350 Network Attach Storage

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CoolMax CN-350 Network Attach Storage

Enjoy the ability to share and communicate within your network safely and securely. No drivers necessary! No servers required! This enclosure is built for ease and protection. Share your files regardless of the different operating systems from Windows to Mac to Linux. It also gives you the ability to lock your account with a user name and password so your files will not be vulnerable to outside sources. Don't let predators pry. Keep your information personal and keep it yours. The CN-350 networking enclosure can help you share and store your data quickly and safely.


- File sharing between Windows, Mac, and Linux clients via network.
- User friendly, web-base user interface for easy configuration.
- The most cost-saving solution NAS solution.
- Simple LED indicator, easy to identify status.
- Complied with TCP/IP, SMB, FTP, SNTP protocol.
- No drivers needed, no server required.
- Additional USB 2.0 enclosure function.
- Password protection for folder-level security.
- Thermal fan controller for hard disk protection.