CoolMax X1-U2 External Enclosure

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CoolMax X1-U2 External Enclosure

The X1 is pleasing to the eyes and sharp in its functions. This slim, convenient, and portable external enclosure includes a one touch total or selective back-up function for storing your data files. It is also built with a quick restoration button to restore all saved data at once! Practical and efficient! The X1-U2 is built to last and designed to help. It is user-friendly, easy to learn and convenient to use.


- Slim, light, and stylish case for easy maneuver
- Supports 2.5" PATA hard drives
- One touch total or selective backup function for you to select some or all of your digital data – offering security and prevention of any possible data loss
- Quick restoration of all or selective files with the touch of a button
- USB 2.0 Interface and compatibility
- Red access and green power LED status indicatory lights
- Easy installation and set-up
- Bus powered or optional 5V DC and USB power
- Rubber padding to stand the enclosure