HP StorageWorks 9100 Extreme Data Storage System

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HP StorageWorks 9100 Extreme Data Storage System

Companies everywhere are in the midst of a data explosion. The rise in digital content spans a range of industries that are seeing exponential growth in file-based data.

The HP StorageWorks 9100 Extreme Data Storage System serves and stores hundreds of terabytes or petabytes of file-based data for your expanding applications. Designed to be extremely scalable, affordable and easy to manage, ExDS9100 delivers excellent performance and availability for service providers and enterprise customers alike. Its ability to independently scale beyond traditional storage systems in both capacity and performance enables scalability up to a maximum configuration of 16 blades with up to 12.8 CPU cores per unit for an astounding 3.2 GB/second of raw performance with up to 820 TB of storage. A single management interface allows the administrator to manage not just terabytes but multiple petabyte systems. And it is highly affordable—with both low overall acquisition costs and low operational costs.

Features & Benefits

Extreme Scalability
* Extreme storage decrease data center footprint: The 9100 Extreme Data Storage System fits easily into your data center with its use of very dense capacity blocks. The system can quickly scale up to 820 TB of storage with an astounding 3.2 GB/second of raw performance. The base unit holds up to 328 TB in only 6.5 sq ft. of floor space.
* Scalable infrastructure reduces time and cost: You can scale performance and capacity without having to reboot the system, making upgrades easy and seamless. The ability to scale capacity or performance quickly and easily, as needs arise, reduces the time and cost previously required to have new systems up and running.
* Independently scale performance and capacity: Being able to independently scale performance and capacity let's you configure the system to your specific business requirements without having to purchase one-size fits all units.

Unified Management
* Manage more with single management interface: Most large storage systems require multiple tools to manage the system. The ExDS9100 management interface enables a single point for configuration and control of the system, which includes monitoring health status, performance utilization, and capacity of servers and storage within the system.
* Save time and money with one command configuration: When you need it, additional storage capacity or server performance can be added and configured on the fly with one simple command.
* Mitigate risk with zero-downtime maintenance: Rolling upgrades to the servers and storage mean the system will not have to be taken down for maintenance.
* Reduced administration requirements: The ExDS9100 delivers massive scalability in a simple and easy to use package, enabling management for petabytes of storage per administrator.

Extreme Affordability
* Quick and easy upgrades lower operational costs: Keep your operational costs in line with quick and easy upgrades to performance and capacity without taking the system off-line.
* Complete system lowers acquisition costs: Keeps ordering and installation simple while lowering your acquisition costs. The ExDS9100 comes fully configured, complete with all hardware and software to be up and running quickly; no need to worry about having to purchase additional software or services.
* Simplify your overall application architecture: Increase your file-based performance and reduce your costs. The ExDS9100 provides the unique ability to host applications directly on the system, greatly simplifying the overall application architecture.