Promise UltraTrak JB4000 JBOD Storage Enclosure

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Promise UltraTrak JB4000 JBOD Storage Enclosure

UltraTrak JB4000 Highlights

* Very cost-effective entry-level Just a Bunch Of Disks (JBOD) in 1U 4 drive external rackmount
* Supporting up to four (4) ATA/133 hard drives using standard Ultra160 SCSI connection
* Delivering Ultra160 SCSI bus performance via data transfer rate up to 160 MB/sec
* Functional in either Concatenation* (One single drive) or JBOD (Independent single drive) mode
* Easy to install, configure and maintain
* Displaying individual individual drive LEDs show drive activity and status
* Expandable capacity supporting up to maximum of 12.8TByte**

Entry-level JBOD storage for DAS and surveillance systems
With the increasing demand for data in today!|s information age, users are looking for cost-effective and reliable solutions to increase storage capacity. The Promise UltraTrak JB4000 is an external JBOD storage solution designed to fulfill the entry level storage needs. JBOD storage involves connecting multiple hard disks utilize their full capacity. The Promise UltraTrak JB4000 truly provides a very low cost alternative for the capacity demands of Direct Attached Storage (DAS), and digital surveillance systems.

Simple, easy-to-use JBOD storage
Tailored to the entry-level JBOD storage segment, the UltraTrak JB4000 is simple to setup and easy to use. The UltraTrak JB4000 functions as a standard SCSI device connected through an Ultra160 LVD SCSI interface -- simply connect to DAS or digital surveillance systems with a SCSI port*****. The convenient drive carrier design with cable-less backplane simplifies the installation of drives by eliminating the need for the user to open the case***.

High scalability for increased storage capacity
Each UltraTrak JB4000 supports up to four (4) ATA hard disks, with capacity of 1.6 TByte (using 400GB drives) in a 1U rackmountable form factor. The system can support up to 12.8 TByte with eight (8) JB4000 units (by SCSI daisy chain). The UltraTrak JB4000 fully supports 160MB/sec aggregate bandwidth of Ultra160 SCSI and is backward compatible with Ultra2 SCSI for efficient connectivity.

Easy to monitor by drive status notification
In the unlikely event of hard drive failure or JB4000 error, the system provides LED indicators to highlight different conditions, which allows administrator to view JB4000 status at a glance, without sophisticated software setup and management.

UltraTrak JB4000 Specifications

System Features
* Drive Capacity
o Up to four (4) 3.5-inch Ultra ATA/133 drives, Ultra ATA/100, Ultra ATA/66 compliant
* Drive Interface
o Two independent ATA channels in master/slave configuration per channel
* Drive Capacity
o 48-LBA support for each drive lager than 137GB
* External I/O Port
o Single Ultra 160 SCSI interface, system appear as an external SCSI drive (Maximum 8 units daisy chained per SCSI port).
* Standard Throughput
o Up to 160 MB/sec burst data transfer rate

Operational Features
* RAID Level Supported (Two Modes)
o Concatenation - One big single drive
o JBOD - Independent single, non-arrayed disk
* Swappable Drive Carrier
o Supports cold-swapping of failed drives without opening the chassis cover. Note: Replacement of drives requires powering the system down.
* Operation System Support
o Windows 98/ME/XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, MAC, and Linux

Failure Notification
* Hard Drive LED Indicators
o Indicate power on or off; status normal or failed; drive activity

Limited Warranty
* 3 Years system warranty