Promise UltraTrak SX4000 RAID External Desktop Subsystem

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Promise UltraTrak SX4000 RAID External Desktop Subsystem

Promise Technology completely redefines network server and highend workstation storage with its new UltraTrak SX & RM series of SCSI-to-ATA RAID subsystems. These powerhouses allow IT professionals to build huge capacities with up to eight (SX8000 / RM8000) or four (SX4000) Ultra ATA drives for maximum versatility and economy. A scalable design helps increase performance, capacity, and data redundancy.

Functional storage systems require more than top quality hardware. With Promise Technology's extensive experience in delivering RAID solutions, we understand the needs of storage system users and we have complemented our products with our web-based Promise Array Management (WebPAM) software, an easy-to-use, feature-rich solution for managing all of your Promise RAID arrays locally or remotely. With this easy to use, graphical array configuration and monitoring tool you can monitor drive configuration, create, expand, convert, or delete disk arrays, monitor enclosure status, and provide online event logging and notification and much more.

Key Benefits

* Simplify array management: Configure, manage and monitor all Promise storage solutions through a single, host-independent web-based management console.
* Reduce total cost of ownership for array storage: Centralize network wide storage and array management with single-point software management. Manage more systems with fewer resources.
* Higher availability with remote management: Distribute email alerts or pop-up windows based on preselected event types  or error. Array performance can be optimized by scheduling array rebuild or synchronization in off-peak hours.