Samsung i8 Digital Camera

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Samsung i8 Digital Camera

This multitalented SAMSUNG digital camera does just about everything - it's an MP3 player, movie player, text viewer, voice recorder, portable hard drive, and camcorder in one super slim device. Plus there are a ton of features that help you get amazing photos - self portrait, photo style selector, face detection and more. A must-have for everyone, there's practically nothing the i8 digital camera can't do.

8.2 megapixel CCD
Great picture quality is obtained with an 8.2 megapixel 1/2.5" high resolution CCD sensor. Clear picture quality can be achieved even for images larger than A2. A robust mounted image processor allows for rich gradation, fast and high quality picture processing.

photo style selector
Easily create professional images by adjusting hue, curve, contrast and sharpness. 7 types of photo style effects are available (Soft, Vivid, Forest, Retro, Cool, Calm, Classic). You can also preview your selected effect before actual shooting.

self portrait
Using the face detection function, a beeping sound notifies users when a face is located in a specific area. This function helps create accurate self portraits and up to 3 faces for shots with friends.

3x optical inner zoom lens
The mounted inner zoom lens creates a slim design and efficient operation, which results in enhanced usability and portability. Outstanding picture quality is achieved by the multi-coating on both sides of all lenses that effectively prevents chromatic aberration and distortion.

portable multimedia player
Now you can also play movies and music videos (Samsung Convert Software required). PMP video playback functions include play previous file, continuous play, high speed play, pause and mute. When the Samsung Convert Software is used, a 700 MB size video file can be compressed to 200-250 MB. Stereo sound is supported during earphone usage.

MP3 player
SRS surround sound mode and 7 sound effects allow for rich and realistic playback experience. Take photographs, play pictures, and run a slideshow as well as listen to music all at the same time.