Olympus Aloka SSD-Alpha10 Radial Array Endoscopic Ultrasound

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Olympus Aloka SSD-Alpha10 Radial Array Endoscopic Ultrasound

Olympus is pleased to announce an addition to its Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) product line - the Aloka SSD-Alpha10 processor. This product will complement the current processor line-up and will not replace currently offered products.

Similar to the SSD-Alpha5, the SSD-Alpha10 is compatible with our Curvilinear Array (CLA) echoendoscopes used for EUS-guided FNA, the GF-UC140P-AL5 (2.8 mm channel), the GF-UCT140-AL5 (3.7 mm channel) and the Olympus Radial Array Echoendoscope (ORAE), the GF-UE160-AL5.


* Built-in CD-R or USB which both allows for storage of static or moving images.
* Hard drive storage large enough to save and store over 100,000 static images.
* Play back up to 16,320 frames or over 6 minutes of video while in the procedure using the CINE loop function.
* Power Doppler: Similar to the Alpha5, the Alpha10 allows use of Power Doppler to indicate blood flow. High sensitivity in determining flow helps to ensure that the physician does not attempt to biopsy a blood vessel.
* Color Doppler: Senses motion (and therefore flow) detects the direction of flow relative to the transducer and applies color accordingly.
* Keyboard: The keyboard can be accessed through the keypad, touch screen or the retractable keyboard, which is under the panel and pulled out as needed.
* Menu items: Menu items can be arranged on the color LCD touch screen.
* Ergonomically designed for user comfort

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