Pioneer SC-05 Elite AV Receiver

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Pioneer SC-05 Elite AV Receiver

7.1-Channel A/V Receiver Featuring Direct Energy HD Amplification, Advanced HDMI® Connectivity, and Network Media Entertainment

* ICEPower® Class-D Amplifier module
* PQLS with HDMI
* Home Media Gallery

Experience seeing and hearing like never before in the Pioneer® Elite® SC-05 A/V Receiver with a newly redesigned Direct Energy HD 7.1 Channel Amplifier that delivers unprecedented sound in entirely new ways.

Supported by Pioneer's legacy sound-tuning technology, the SC-05 was designed from the ground up to produce a 3-dimensional aural experience unlike any other. Transporting you to an entirely new world of home entertainment, the SC-05 offers a listening experience that takes you to a whole new level of high-resolution, multi-channel surround sound.

Surrender your heart to one of the first Pioneer Elite models crafted with ICEpower® Analog Class D Amplification technology. When paired with an Elite BDP-05FD Blu-ray Disc® player, enjoy the benefits of PQLS Jitter-free audio for CD playback. Prepare yourself for a new graphical user interface (GUI), On-Screen display and Home Media Gallery with photo viewing capability.

Watch all your dreams come true as the SC-05 takes full command of your high-definition home theater, delivering audio and video to your living room in a whole new way. Designed with some of the most innovative technology available today, including Advanced Sound Retriever, Front Stage Surround Advance and superior sound quality from both Neural-THX® Surround and THX® Loudness Plus audio decoders—this is a universe capable of delivering unprecedented levels of joy.

It's a world where the Home Media Gallery connects to your iPod® player and enables easy access to your music and photos from either a USB port or existing home network. A place where pictures and music perform together in beautiful new ways. And XM-HD® & SIRIUS® Satellite Radio are both ready and waiting for you to turn them on by adding an antenna and subscription (each sold separately).

Forever change the way you think about sound with an audio performance that incorporates an AIR Studios™ Monitor and THX® Select2 Plus Certified, along with Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby Digital® Plus, DTS-HD® Master Audio, full-band Phase Control, and a Freescale® DSP engine.

Experience the thrill of the new Pioneer Elite SC-05. Completely re-engineered for today's high-definition world. It's a world of sights and sounds more wonderful than anything you have ever seen, heard or felt before.

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