Pioneer SC-07 Elite AV Receiver

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Pioneer SC-07 Elite AV Receiver

7.1-Channel A/V Receiver Featuring Direct Energy HD Amplification and THX® Ultra2 Plus Certification

* ICEPower® Class-D Amplifier
* PQLS with HDMI
* HDMI 1.3a - 4 In / 2 Output

The Pioneer® Elite® SC-07 A/V receiver boasts 140 Watts of power. Designed around a revolutionary ICEpower® Class D amplifier, the Elite SC-07 A/V delivers best in class multi-channel sound.

Built from the ground up for High-Definition surround sound, the SC-07 boasts 7 channels of surround sound, AIR Studios™ certification and Direct Energy amplification, allowing the SC-07 to operate at powerful levels with extremely low distortion and virtually no wasted energy. The result is enormous headroom and extraordinary detail, resulting in audio depth and richness that is truly breathtaking.

The SC-07 was designed to serve as the heart of the most complex of systems—to create a truly seamless experience. Four HDMI® inputs provide the highest quality connections for a full range of state of the art playback. The Faroudja® 1080p Video Scaler upscales video regardless of format, for exceptional picture quality. The SC-07 also features a Burr-Brown™ 8-channel Sampling Rate Converter for jitter reduction in all audio formats, as well as Wolfson digital to analog converters for full 192 khz audio performance.

Dual HDMI outputs provide the ultimate in flexibility. For example, in a home cinema configured with a plasma display for broadcast content and projection technology for Blu-ray Disc®, the SC-07 creates seamless integration and control.

At the heart of the SC-07 are advanced Freescale® dual core DSP engines. These powerful processors carry out the full range of audio processing, including THX® Ultra2 Plus, Dolby® TrueHD, as well as DTS-HD® Master Audio decoding. For CD playback, the SC-07 employs a PQLS Jitter Reduction system, ensuring optimum audio quality.

Though extremely powerful and versatile, the SC-07 is elegantly simple to set up and use.

No two environments affect audio quite the same. So Pioneer created the MCACC (Multi Channel Acoustic Calibration) system, which tailors audio performance to your environment. The receiver 'listens' to the room and makes a complex series of equalization adjustments to optimize performance.

The user interface itself is a welcome step forward in receiver design. Intuitive, responsive, always simple, it gives you control over every nuance of performance when you need it, while keeping everyday controls easy to access. The system remote, functional as it is beautiful, provides full control without becoming overwhelming.

The SC-07 welcomes digital media with opens arms. Thoughtfully located USB and other connections are provided for your iPod® or other portable music player. Advanced Sound Retriever technology enhances all compressed music formats.

The powerful Home Media Gallery provides seamless access to photos and music when the SC-07 is connected via an existing home network. And XM® and SIRIUS® Satellite Radio tuners are built in and ready to rock with the addition of an antenna and subscription (each sold separately).

The SC-07 is both powerful and versatile, ready for custom installation right out of the box. The system can be configured to drive 3 audio/video zones, two of which can support full HD video.

Your home theater is an oasis, a place to enjoy entertainment as it was meant to be experienced. The SC-07 provides a state of the art solution to creating this very special place, allowing you to see and hear like never before.

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