Panasonic BM221 Microchip and Flexible Placement Machine

Panasonic Updated: 2008-07-28 RSS
Panasonic BM221 Microchip and Flexible Placement Machine

For a general-purpose machine that offers a versatile range of component handling along with high performance, the Panasonic BM221 microchip and flexible placement machine is a smart choice. The BM221 can place components ranging from next generation, minute 0402 chips to 55mm QFPs, BGAs and CSPs to 150mm connectors.

The rigid die cast frame results in superior stability and improved placement accuracy. Achieves speeds of up to 12,000 CPH.

The BM221 offers uninterrupted productivity with tape splicing and up to 120 tape and reel inputs as well as 80 tray inputs.

Features & Benefits

* Fast, accurate mounting of components ranging from 0402 chips to QFPs, CSPs, BGAs and connectors
* Maximum speed of 12,000 CPH
* Chip CPK >1.33 @ ±70µm; QFP CPK >1.33 @ ±50µm
* Tape, tray and stick inputs
* Easy, interactive operation