Panasonic DT401 Direct Tray Modular Multi-functional Placment Machine

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Panasonic DT401 Direct Tray Modular Multi-functional Placment Machine

The Panasonic DT401 is a direct tray modular, multi-functional placement machine that's designed to give users the flexibility to place a large number of varied, odd-shaped components at high speeds. Direct placement head pickup allows for the wide component range, while tray feeder replenishment and a feeder collective-exchange cart delivers improved operation rates.

The DT401 handles a broad spectrum of components including 0402 chips, BGAs, CSPs, connectors and other large components up to 100 mm X 90 mm @ 25mm thickness. To ensure such flexibility, the machine supports five kinds of tape feeders, equipped with variable feed pitch capabilities. The DT401 uses the same feeder table and feeders as our CM402, which results in cost-savings, reduction in feeder inventory, greater flexibility and interchangeability.

Three load-control heads yield a load range of 50g to 50N, allowing mounting for almost all insertion connects.

Features & Benefits

* Direct pickup along with on-the-fly component replenishment and changeover allows high-speed production
* Supports twin and single tray feeders
* 8 mm double tape feeders, as well as 12/16, 24/32, 44/56 and 72 mm tape feeders
* Interchangeable platform
* Handles up to 510 mm L x 460 mm W boards