Leica CV5030 Robotic Coverslipper

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Leica CV5030 Robotic Coverslipper

The Leica CV5030 fully automated glass coverslipper produces slides with superior optical quality for reliable long-term storage. It is designed to coverslip microscope glass slides bearing tissue sections or cytopathology smears. The capability of handling a large variety of slide racks from different suppliers makes the Leica CV5030 a most flexible instrument. All common mounting media, including xylene-free varieties, can be used according to individual operator settings. The system is capable of high-throughput coverslipping of more than 500 slides per hour using standard microscope slides and glass coverslips of different sizes. The operator can choose between wet and dry coverslipping.

Key Features

* High-throughput glass-on-glass coverslipper: more than 400 slides / hour
* Designed for histology sections and cytopathology smears
* Auto-slip magazine for automatic adaptation to different coverslip sizes
* User defined mounting media settings
* Acceptance of a large variety of slide rack types
* Option to connect to ST5020 Multistainer for fully integrated workstation
* CE-, UL-, c-UL-, VDE-approved

The Leica CV5030 is designed to address the need for glass coverslipping with three major performance goals: Highly consistent and reliable coverslipping quality, maximum adaptation to individual laboratory set-ups, integration into staining/coverslipping workstation to form a fully automated walk-away system.

Very easy operation is achieved due to simple loading/unloading of glass-mounted histology sections or cytology smears and one-button operation.

All common mounting media, including xylene-free varieties can be used according to individual operator settings.

A fume control system including an activated carbon filter is located in the instrument to protect the user from hazardous fumes. High flexibility is guaranteed since the Leica CV5030 can be adapted within seconds to work with all common slide rack types from different suppliers.

The possibilities of adaptation to individual laboratory needs is perfected through the option to integrate the Leica CV5030 with the Leica ST5020 Multistainer or the Leica ST5010 Autostainer XL making this combination a truly automated staining/coverslipping workstation.