Leica SM2500 Heavy Duty Sliding Microtome

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Leica SM2500 Heavy Duty Sliding Microtome

The Leica SM2500 large scale heavy-duty sectioning system is the standard microtome for all hard and large sectioning techniques – a real working animal.

Large specimens up to 250 x 200 mm and hard materials such as bone or teeth and whole organs (brain, lung, etc.) can be sectioned. The wide range of accessories, specially designed for paraffin and resin embedded specimens make the Leica SM2500 the ideal instrument for routine and research applications.

Key Features

* Maximum specimen size for hard specimens: 80 x 100 mm
* Maximum specimen size for soft specimens: 200 x 250 mm
* Maximum vertical stroke length: 70 mm
* Fully motorized operation
* Programmable sectioning
* Three different modes of operation
* Choice of different specimen holders
* Choice of different knife holders
* Section counter, section thickness totalizer
* Programmable cutting window
* Programmable knife retraction value
* Specimen orientation (XY)
* Precise photo position allows complete photo documentation of all desired levels of the cut block surface
* Optional ultramilling attachment: Leica SP2600
* Optional: liquid nitrogen device

The heavy-duty microtome Leica SM2500 is designed to section large and hard specimens . A wide range of accessories are available to meet the special needs in your laboratory.

To ensure proper clamping, specimens are clamped in a base plate with a vise clamp. The vise clamp is the clamping system of choice for rectangular specimen blocks up to 80 x 100 mm and the liquid nitrogen device.

For smaller specimens the specimen stage with dovetail guide is recommended. This stage can be mounted in north - south or east - west direction. Clamping in east-west direction (i.e. at right angles to the direction of the sledge movement) minimizes the risk of injury, as the specimen position can be adjusted laterally along the knife edge without having to touch the knife.

This baseplate is the clamping system of choice for the Leica SP2600 Ultramiller. Two specimen clamps fit the base plate with dovetail guide: a specimen clamp for 40x58 mm rectangular specimens and a specimen clamp for round specimens of 6, 15 or 25 mm in diameter.

For the sectioning of soft specimens like some plastics or elastomers, the Leica SM2500 can be equipped with a liquid Nitrogen Device.