Leica EM UC6 Ultramicrotome

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Leica EM UC6 Ultramicrotome

The Leica EM UC6 Ultramicrotome offers a range of outstanding features and benefits of use from the absolute beginner to the skilled ultramicrotomist. The eucentric movement of the viewing system allows examination of sections even with lowered water level (as with e.g. Lowycryl) without loss of ergonomic posture. Defined positions provide optimal positioning of the stereo microscope for alignment with glass and diamond knives. The innovative touch sensitive control unit of the Leica EM UC6 enables fast and safe alignment of knife and specimen with help files and prompts to hand for beginners. The AutoTrim function with programmable knife and cutting movements simplifies the trimming process.

Key Features

* Touch Screen with displayed hints for quick familiar operation
* Brightness controlled LED illumination
* Ergonomic design for left- and right-handed users provides fatigue-free operation
* Eucentric movement of the stereomicroscope offers optimised positioning for approach with glass and diamond knives
* Eucentric movement of the stereomicroscope for section observation at low water levels and cryosectioning
* Fully motorized knife stage - the prerequisite for the E-W Measuring-System and Autotrim Function

Detailed Description

Touch-sensitive control unit
The innovative touch-sensitive control unit of the Leica EM UC6 enables fast and safe alignment of knife and specimen with help files and prompts to hand for beginners. Programmable knife and cutting movements offer significant ease of trimming. Built-in antistatic device and Leica EM FC6 control unit as well as the possibility of storing up to seven different user-settings defines the outstanding performance parameters of the new Leica EM UC6 Touch Screen.

Brightness-Controlled Multi-LED Illumination
Three independent brightness-controlled LED light sources provide outstanding illumination for toplight, backlight and specimen transillumination

Ergonomic Concept
Poorly designed workstations can lead to medical problems. Hours of sitting motionless at the ultramicrotome can put stain on the human body.

Leica Microsystems has created ergonomic adaptations to minimize the strain placed on the user. These adaptations allow quick and simple adjustments to accommodate multiple users of one ultramicrotome.

In close cooperation with welll-known industrial designers, an optimal operating concept has evolved allowing the Ultracut EM UC6 and EM FC6 to be used easily and fatigue-free for both left- and right-handed operators.

Ergonomics for fatigue-fee operation is an integral part of the Leica product design. Armrests attached to the table, adjustable in latitude and height offer a comfortable, fatigue-free posture during operation

Optimal Positioning of the Stereo Microscope
The Eucentric Movement of the Leica EM UC6 viewing system allows examination of sections, even with a lowered water level (e.g. for Lowycryls and dry sections) without loss of ergonomic posture. Defined position marks provide optimum positioning of the stereo microscope for alignment of the specimen with glass and diamond knives.

Two independent positioning systems of the stereo microscope provide unparalleled ergonomy and maximum visibility of the knife-specimen area:
- equipped with an MZ6 stereo microscope and the "Ergo-Wedge" the Leica EM UC6 adapts to the operators height and position
- The eucentric movement allows positioning to the required viewing angle.

No Interfering Cables
The integrated cable canal guides the cables to the rear of the instrument, safely and conveniently

Optimised antistatic device improves section quality
The adjustable antistatic electode is a helpful accessory for sectioning at room temperature. The ioniser avoids electrostatic charging of the sample surface thus eliminating and preventing static effects associated with climatic changes and sectioning of various materials.

Sectioning without vibration
The integrated antivibration system prevents influence from external vibrations. The Gravity Stroke of the specimen arm allows unrivalled isolation from external vibrations. Together with the high precision bearings, this guarantees outstanding section quality as well as the highest blockface quality for AFM or SEM examination

Fully motorized knife stage
Motorized N-S movement of the knife stage is a unique feature of Leica Ultramicrotomes. The additional implementation of motorized E-W movement of the Leica EM UC6 was a logical step forward. But not only simple motorization of the stage has been realized. It has enabled many useful features to develop hand in hand with it. For example in conjuction with the touch sensitive control panel we have realised an Autotrim mode and a measuring function