Leica EM FC6 Cryochamber

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Leica EM FC6 Cryochamber

The Leica EM FC6 cryochamber is designed for low temperature sectioning of biological and industrial samples at temperatures from -15 to -185°C. It sets new standards in cryosectioning, not only for TEM but also for LM, SEM and AFM.

The Leica EM FC6 has been designed in accordance with customer requests for a more ergonomic, easy-to-use instrument with a wider temperature range and increased sectioning stability. Ergonomic hand rests ensure fatigue-free cryosectioning, while the integration of the EM FC6 controls in the control unit of the Leica EM UC6 saves space on the desk and the LED illumination of the chamber ensures a perfect view of the sections.

Key Features

* A combination of several unique features provides excellent comfort and ease of use:
* all-in-one touch screen control unit with ionisor control integrated
* 2 hand rests for left and right hand
* FC mount function and hot plug operation for maximum safety
* LED chamber illumination
* Contact free through the wall specimen arm and rotating knife holder for vibration free sectioning
* Please see Product Detailed Description for more information.

Detailed Description

The Leica EM FC6 Cryo chamber is designed for state-of-the art biological, clinical and industral application

- all-in-one touch screen control unit
- 2 handrests for left and right hand operation
- right handrest with GN2 gap to ensure warm surface for longer worktime
- adjustable armrests
- heated chamber walls to prevent ice condensation for prolongued worktime

- FC mount function and hot plugs provide maximum safety for electronical and mechanical parts when mounting/dismounting
- low noise pump does not disturb operator
- 4 memories for temperatures make changing from trimming to sectioning temperatures and back quick and easy

- 3 different LED lights, including internal chamber illumination, all individually brightness controlled

Excellent sectioning quality
- contact free through the wall specimen arm for vibration free sectioning
- eucentric knife rotation with centre clickstop from outside for easy alignment of knife and blockface
- temperature range from -185 to -15°C
- individual temperatures for specimen, knife and gas
- automatic rapid cooling function to save time when cooling down to temperatures below -165°C
- specimen loading position provides easy access and maximum safety for knife and specimen
- specimen holder is locked with torque limited screw to avoid potential breaking of the locking screw
- cryochamber is mounted on chassis of the UC6 to prevent any external vibrations to the knife
- rotating knife holder takes 2 glass or diamond knives with individual knife angle setting
- Rotation allows quick and safe changing from trimming to sectioning and back an ensures the backlight is precisely below the knife
- optional cryotools mounted on knife holder to ensure fast and safe transfer of frozen hydrated sections to grids

Dimensions WxHxD in mm
FC6 chamber 320 x 320 x 200
LN2 Dewar 960 x 400
LN2 pump 700 x 180