Leica EM AC20 Automatic Contrasting Instrument

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Leica EM AC20 Automatic Contrasting Instrument

The Leica EM AC20 is a new generation of automatic contrasting instruments for ultrathin sections, developed in close cooperation with the scientific community. Not only does the Leica EM AC20 deliver high quality contrasting results but does so with a much lower reagent consumption. The instrument uses a peristaltic pump and non-contact valves, which means the reagents travel through nothing but tubing on their way to the chamber where the grids are located. This equals good results and easy maintenance.

Key Features

* User Safety
* Low reagent consumption
* Precipitate-free double contrasting
* 60 runs with one set of Ultrostains
* Low waste output
* Short washing cycles
* Easy mainenance

Detailed Description

Loading grids into the contrasting chamber
With the help of the loading jig, up to 20 grids are placed into the grid holder which is then inserted into the contrasting chamber. The chamber is closed with the bayonet lock and the AC20 is ready to contrast.