Leica Z16 APO High Performance Zoom System

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Leica Z16 APO High Performance Zoom System

16:1 Zoom system for individual measurement, inspection stations and system integration.
Our complete individual measurement and inspection stations leave nothing to be desired. The new zoom systems include the widest line of accessory products to meet every imaginable examination, training, and documentation task. The Leica Z6 APO and Z16 APO are suitable for measuring, documenting and analyzing in the QA lab, just as they are suited for biology, geology, histology, and training.

Leica Z16 APO offers a 16:1 zoom with a zoom range of 0.57x to 9.2x. The high-magnification Leica Z16 APO is exceptionally well-suited for use in microelectronics as well as laboratory workstations in medicine, biology, education, research, development, and criminology.

Key Features

* Zoom 16:1, zoom range 0.57x– 9.2x
* Fully apochromatic zoom system and apochromatic objectives for superlative contrast, color fidelity and detail richness
* Magnification 7.1x– 115x visual (with 1×planapochromatic objective, 10x eyepieces, 1.25x Y tube)
* Total magnification 920x visual (with 2×planapochromatic objective, 40x eyepieces, 1.25x Y tube)
* Resolution 336 Lp/mm visual to maximum 672 Lp/mm
* Numerical aperture 0.112 visual to maximum 0.224
* Large working distance 97mm or 39mm
* Fine focusing for precise focussing at high magnification levels
* Adaptation of 10x and 20x microscope objectives
* Perfect for multifocus applications in various specimen planes
* Highest image fidelity for precise measurements, analysis and documentation
* True color polarization for optical polarization examinations
* Smooth, distortion-free images of flat reflective objects for coaxial illumination
* Accessories in modular design, compatible with accessories from the Leica M stereomicroscope product line

When the human eye fails, optical zoom systems extend vision performance. Zoom optics allow quick surveying of complete objects such as an electronic circuit,a machined part or a biological specimen. The overview of a larger section offers valuable context and relationship information. You can then continuously increase the magnification of selected details for closer inspection. Here, it is not the magnification level alone which determines the quality of information transmitted, but also the performance of the zoom opticswith regard to resolution, contrast, image sharpness, image fidelity and color fidelity.

The new Z16 APO zoom system meets the highest international quality standards and fulfills all requirements for first-class analysis, measurement and documentation. The fully apochromatic optics made of high-quality, multiple-coated, lead-free glasses, in combination with the planachromatic objectives and parallax-free imaging, provide authentic image material.