Samsung 225UW LCD Monitor

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Samsung 225UW LCD Monitor

The 225UW widescreen LCD monitor takes advantage of Microsoft unified communications solutions to streamline communication functions into a single platform. The 22-inch widescreen LCD monitor offers a simplified experience designed to drive workplace productivity, increase security and reduce costs. Also compatible with Windows Live Messanger and Apple iChat.

gain efficiency
By consolidating e-mail, IM, web conferencing, video conferencing and VOIP you can save time with only one access code and become much more effective in your multitasking efforts.

With one click, you can control your on screen display (OSD).
MagicBright³ automatically optimizes brightness, contrast and gamma correction, based on the specific application. With a push of a button, you can easily switch between Text, Internet, Movie, Game, Sports, Custom and Print View modes, to help ensure the best picture quality.

MagicColor improves the hue and saturation of colors so that they appear more natural looking. Fresh images with exceptional clarity appear even on darker screens.