Edirol PCR-M1 MIDI Keyboard Controller

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Edirol PCR-M1 MIDI Keyboard Controller

The PCR-M1 is the most compact, powerful USB MIDI keyboard controller available! This incredibly slim device is based on the highly-popular PCR-1, but lacks the audio I/O of the PCR-1 and adds a number of new MIDI features to make it more analogous to the larger PCR-series MIDI controllers. Like the PCR-30/50/80, the PCR-M1 includes a 1x1 MIDI interface, sustain-pedal connection, and expression pedal connection. Unlike any other PCR-series controller, the PCR-M1 offers a rotary encoder that can be assigned to a number controls including scrolling control maps, adjusting velocity, changing MIDI channels, and more. The PCR-M1 also includes three different options for drawing power: 1) USB-powered, 2) AC adapter (optional), and 3) powered by four AAA batteries. Also like its larger brothers, the PCR-M1 offers V-LINK support for control of video devices directly from your keyboard. The PCR-M1 is incredibly versatile in terms of control. It offers 27 different parameter controls available from 16 different physical controls, and functions with the powerful PCR-Editor available for PC & Mac. The PCR-M1 uses Edirol & Roland's S.L.I.M. technology, providing a remarkably playable action with a very short throw and very little side-to-side play in the keys. It may be small, but this feature-packed device is no toy! The PCR-M1 measures a mere 1-3/16" thick and weighs just 2lbs. 11oz. It comes with a protective neoprene sleeve to protect it in travel.

* 25 standard-width velocity-sensitive keys
* S.L.I.M. keyboard
* Thin (28mm/1-3/16"), light (1.5kg/2lbs. 11oz) body
* 27 assignable controllers: 8 knobs, 6 buttons, and 2 pedal ports
* Separate pitch bender & modulation control
* 16 control-map memory locations
* MIDI in/out ports
* Expression and Sustain pedal ports — (with included 1/4" adapters)
* 3-way power supply: USB/battery/AC adaptor
* Downloadable memory sets
* PCR Editor software
* Gig bag
* V-LINK compatible

25 Standard-Width Velocity-Sensitive keys
The PCR-M1 offers standard-width keys with 128-step velocity sensitivity to ensure easy playing.

S.L.I.M. Keyboard
The PCR-M1 has the same S.L.I.M. keyboard as in the PCR-1. Edirol has devised this keyboard-action technology known as S.L.I.M. (Short-stroke Low-profile Impact Mechanism) to allow a compact MIDI keyboard to maintain incredible playability.

Thin, Light Body
The PCR-M1 is just over one-inch thick and weighs 2lbs 11oz. Ideal for traveling musicians, mobile DJs, and home-recording musicians working with limited space.

27 Fully Assignable Controllers: 8 Knobs, 6 Buttons, and 2 Pedal Ports (with Shift Function)
The PCR-M1 offers eight assignable knobs, six assignable buttons, and two assignable pedal ports. The Shift button changes the assignable parameters in eight knobs and three of the six buttons for a total of 27 controllable parameters per control map. The PCR-M1 also has a rotary encoder that can be assigned to scroll program changes, scroll saved control maps, adjust velocity sensitivity, change MIDI channels, or adjust tempo. This allows the user to change these settings without entering the Edit menu for more rapid recall and adjustment.

Separate Pitch Bender & Modulation Controls
The new improved pitch bender in the PCR-M1 transmits incrementally for consistent continuous (non-stepped) control.

16 Control Map Memory Locations
The PCR-M1 offers 16 different save locations for control maps. With 27 parameters available per control map, the PCR-M1 offers control over a total of over 400 parameters held in the memory of the keyboard.

MIDI In/Out Ports
It is easy to connect the PCR-M1 to a MIDI device with just one cable. The PCR-M1 can export the same MIDI signals to both USB and MIDI cable at the same time — very convenient.

Expression and Sustain Pedal Ports
Connect Roland's EV-5 Expression pedal or DP-2 or DP-6 Sustain pedal to the PCR-M1 directly. Control parameters through these ports are fully assignable. For these jacks, a pair of pedal-conversion cables (1/8" TRS to 1/4" female) comes with the PCR-M1.

3-Way Power Supply: USB/Battery/AC Adaptor
The PCR-M1 was specifically designed for mobile computer musicians. It's also designed for mobile musicians. The three choices of power are very convenient, allowing usage in any condition.