Motorola GCP 8000 Site Controller

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Motorola GCP 8000 Site Controller

The GCP 8000 Site Controller works with ASTRO® 25 Integrated Voice and Data Systems and High Performance Data Systems to maintain clear and consistent communication between the Radio Network Gateway and base stations. This workhorse unit ensures that a network is always functioning at a peak performance level.


Consistent communication
Maintained between active and redundant site controllers via site LAN.

Standby power
Continues to automatically run controller if the main GCP 8000 goes offline.

Compact and integrated modular design
Makes versatile and efficient use of site space in a lightweight package.

Choice of power sources
Supports both AC and DC power, with a battery revert and charging for backup power supply.

Simulcast functionality
Reduces site complexity and eases installation and service process.

Supports ASTRO 25 Multisite (simulcast) and High Performance Data applications
So that operation is dependable across all frequency bands.

Hot-swappable Field Replacement Units
Designed for simple installation and serviceability, mountable in open rack or cabinet.