Toshiba HV6 Series Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-18
Toshiba HV6 Series Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Since the introduction of the first vacuum interrupter in 1962, Toshiba has been continuously improving and developing its vacuum interrupter technology.

Over 185,000 Toshiba vacuum circuit breakers and over 2.5 million Toshiba vacuum interrupters have been installed and are providing reliable service in a wide variety of applications worldwide.

Dedicated to the most advanced vacuum technology, Toshiba offers the highest quality and performance vacuum circuit breakers from 2.5kV through 38kV, and interrupting ratings up to 1,500MVA.

In addition, Toshiba offers its unique HV6 low-surge vacuum breakers designed for high voltage, small capacity power switching applications.

HV6 Specifications
Maximum Continuous Current  630A
Rated Voltage  7.2 / 4.8 & below
Rated Interrupting Current (0.15 P.F.)  14kA / 16kA (Sym.)
Rated Frequency  50/60 Hz
Transient Recovery Voltage  0.32kV/microsec. at 4.2 kV & above, below 0.16kV/microsec.
Rated Making Current  31.5kA (Peak)
Rated Short-Time Current  12.5kA - 2 Sec.
Rated Interrupting Time  Less than 3 Cycles
Basic Impulse Level (BIL)  60kV
AC  Withstand Voltage 22kV - 1 Min.
Operation Duty  O - 1 min. - CO - 3 min. - CO
Mechanical Life  10,000 Operations
Load Switching Life  10,000 Operations
Auxiliary Contacts  Form  2NO-2NC
Cont. Current 10A
Voltage  300V Max. - 48V Min.
AC Interrupting 700VA at PF 0.35
DC Interrupting  60W at L/R 150 ms
Altitude (Above Derate by ANSI C37.04)  3300 ft (1000 m)
Ambient Temperature  ?C -5 to +40
Installation  Fixed  Drawout
Operation  Manual Closing  Motor Spring Closing
Opening Time  20 ms (Typical)
No Load Closing Time  -  30 ms
Closing Voltage, Current  -  125Vdc, 1.1A
Charging Motor Voltage, Current (Standard)  -  125Vdc, 2.5A Peak (0.9 Avg.)
Opening Voltage, Current  125Vdc, 3A  125Vdc, 4.6A
Under Voltage Release  0.4A at 120Vac (Trip Voltage 24 to 72Vac)
Weight  lb. (kg)  49 (22)  55 (25)  53 (24)  60 (27)  84 (38)