Toshiba VHA Series Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-18
Toshiba VHA Series Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Dedication to the most advanced vacuum technology, Toshiba introduces the new VHA series Vacuum Circuit Breakers to replace the VK-6M32B3 series.

VHA Specifications  VHA-6J20SB-U VHA-6M20SB-U
Rated Voltage (kV) 3.6 / 7.2
Current (A) 600 1200
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Interrupting current (kA) 25/20
Making current (kA) 63/50
Short-time current (kA) 20-2s
Interrupting time (cycle) 3
Opening time (ms) <20
No load closing time (ms) <50
Insulation level Impulse (kV) 60
Power frequency (kV) 22
Operating duty   0-1min-C0-3min-C0
Closing system   Motor spring operation
Closing voltage (V)   DC 125
Tripping voltage (V)   DC 125
Mechanical-switching life (times)   10000
Load-switching life (times)   10000
Number of auxiliary switch-contacts   4a 4b
Installation method   Fixed
Weight (kg)   55 80
Applied standard   JEC2300-1985
Characteristics on under voltage tripping device Control voltage (V) 120V
Frequency (Hz) 50/60 Hz
Maximum allowable control voltage (%) 110
Opening time (ms) <40
Minimum operating voltage 50~80% of control voltage
Maximum releasing voltage 30~50% of control voltage
Mechanical-operating life (times) 2000
Others Control circuit connection Plug connection without interlock (SC connector)
Handle for withdrawing None
Application for UL standard None