Kodak Digimaster EX Digital Production System

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Kodak Digimaster EX Digital Production System

Exceed expectations—with extraordinary choices to drive business growth.
The new KODAK DIGIMASTER EX Production Platform has four black and white print engine speeds that can take your business to the next level—EX110, EX125, the new EX138, and EX150.

Make choices, not trade-offs.
Each DIGIMASTER EX System print engine offers a similar complement of rich and robust features. Choose the print engine that best meets your volume and application requirements, then add the accessories that will make the system uniquely yours.

* Deliver a more versatile range of applications, and meet clients' stringent requirements for quality levels that rival offset
* Achieve your goals for higher revenue through unrivaled productivity
* Leverage extraordinary flexibility and modularity to produce the most demanding applications
* Maximize uptime with outstanding system performance

Exceptional performance—from start to finish
The KODAK DIGIMASTER EX Digital Production System delivers exceptional performance because it is engineered for excellence and efficiency across every stage of the print production process. From its powerful job processing capabilities, integrated workflow, and innovative software tools, to its short, straight paper path for worry-free paper throughput and its modular design, the system delivers proven performance that can be tailored to your needs.

The DIGIMASTER EX System gives you the capacity you need to tackle high-volume and high-margin applications more efficiently. A robust duty cycle of up to 5 million pages per month gives you the confidence to expand services and take on new customers with a worry-free approach.

Extensive options—more opportunities
Innovation doesn't have to be complicated. The KODAK DIGIMASTER EX Digital Production System also includes a broad range of robust and reliable system components—including paper supplies, stackers, finishers and more—that have been designed to integrate seamlessly. Create the system you need today knowing that it can change with your clients' needs into the future.  Click here for more detail on system components for the DIGIMASTER EX Platform.

Application versatility to meet a wide range of needs
With a wide range of substrate support, fast and flexible paper handling, and extensive finishing options, you can produce almost anything your customers can dream up. Print personalized postcards, customized multi-stock manuals and catalogs, fully finished books, and more.

When you're ready to add secure printing to your offerings, the DIGIMASTER EX System and its interchangeable MICR toner station provides the capabilities you need to meet industry standards for security and time-sensitive business cycles. The MICR toner station can be used on all EX models and can be switched out quickly for optimum flexibility.

A complete solution
Because the DIGIMASTER EX System is completely integrated, you get all the features and functionality you need to turn new client requirements into new business opportunities. When you choose the DIGIMASTER EX System, you're choosing a solid foundation for high-volume business growth.

Exceptional performance—every day
With KODAK DIGIMASTER EX Digital Production Systems, outstanding image quality is the foundation for excellence. Combine stunning print quality with flexible, extensible finishing options, powerful processing, and a generous range of media handling, and you have everything you need to produce the applications that meet more of your customers' needs—and grow your business.

Deliver what your customers are looking for—fast and flexible book publishing solutions, highly reliable transactional printing, eye-catching manuals and catalogs, and attention-getting personalized direct mail. The KODAK DIGIMASTER EX Platform can deliver all this and more!

At your service
The KODAK DIGIMASTER EX Platform is built for maximized uptime and reliability. To maintain that peak performance, you can count on highly responsive, expert service to provide timely, efficient support. Because we measure our success with your success, we're committed to ensuring that your investment exceeds your expectations.