BenQ MP771 Projector

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BenQ MP771 Projector

Unbelievably Big Images From An Unbelievably Short Distance
Wish you could enjoy a big-screen show, but don't think the space you have in mind is large enough? Then the BenQ MP771 is your small-space solution. That's because this premium, high-brightness XGA projector has an amazing short-throw ratio, enabling large-screen projection from a close range. It's perfect for places where space is limited, like partition rooms, small conference rooms, lecture halls or classrooms where physical layout forces the projector to be up close to the screen.

Short-Throw Perfected
With its smart short-throw ratio, the MP771 makes big screen viewing easy for smaller areas, such as departmental meeting rooms or living rooms-where it can deliver a phenomenal experience with the interactive games currently in vogue. Able to project a 74" picture from just a mere meter away, the MP771 not only overcomes space constraints, but positioning it close to the screen keeps the movements of viewers from affecting the picture. The short-throw ratio also makes it more practical & safe for presenters to stand between the projector and audience, avoiding the annoyance and health risks of the bright projector lamp shining into their eyes. The MP771's short-throw ratio means limited space no longer limits your big-screen viewing pleasure.

A Vibrant View Every Time
With the MP771's advanced optical technologies, you can count on high-impact, richly-colored presentations any time, regardless of ambient lighting conditions or onscreen content. The MP771 automatically enhances brightness levels while maintaining an impressive high contrast ratio.

Brightness that Outshines
BenQ understands that not every presentation will have the benefit of a pitch-dark room. That's why the MP771 features a powerful 3,000-lumen lamp for super bright, vivid pictures under virtually any lighting condition. So don't leave your audience scribbling notes in the dark – the MP771 displays even the smallest text and detailed graphics in sharp, crisp quality even under considerable ambient light levels.

High Contrast, High Quality – See WhatYou've Been Missing
The MP771's impressive 2,000:1 contrast ratio brings out details you've been missing from other projectors. Even in darkly lit scenes, the once unnoticeable, small details amazingly emerge in surprising clarity.

In Living Color
The MP771 brings together a powerful trio of technologies for color performance that's always optimal, easily and precisely adjustable to meet individual preferences.

BrilliantColor™ Technology, among the latest advancements in front-projection projectors, enables a greater than 50% brightness increase in mid-tone hues, resulting in highly saturated, extraordinary images. Coupled with BenQ's 6-Segment Color Wheel, presentations are rendered in breathtaking vibrancy.

The Latest UNISHAPE Technology
Featuring new UNISHAPE Lamp Lighting Technology, the MP771 is able to vary the intensity of the projector lamp in synchronization with its digital mirror device (DMD) and color wheel, allowing an increase of 40% in brightness and boosts specific colors in different setting modes.

Personalized Color with 3D Color Management
3D color management allows users to fine-tune the six colors (R/G/B/C/M/Y ) independently for hue, saturation and gain to suit personal preferences or meet the requirements of specific applications.

Super Easy, Super Enjoyable, Super Fast!
With the BenQ MP771 getting your presenting up and running is as easy as “Lights, Projector, Action!" Plus, an array of convenient features keeps your presentation running smoothly without a hitch. Easily accomplish all the tasks you expect with your BenQ MP771, and discover some cool surprises along the way.

Wall Color Correction
No screen available? No problem! With Wall Color Correction, the MP771 still enables you to project outstanding picture quality on the wall. And with five wall colors to choose from, including blackboard, projecting on non-white walls still ensures a great picture without the hassle of manual picture adjustments.

Quick Auto Search
Don't leave your audience hanging; get your picture up in a snap! The MP771 needs just two seconds flat to recognize a source when connected. Even for first-time users, plug-and-play simplicity doesn't get any easier.

On-Screen FAQ
Whether to learn more about a particular feature or for troubleshooting, the MP771's On-Screen FAQ is an easy-to-use, quick reference tool — no more digging out and searching through a printed manual.

Your Most Reliable Choice
The MP771 integrates a number of features and design touches for performance and reliability you can count on.

Long-Lasting Lamp
With an average use time of 4,000 hours, the MP771 requires fewer lamp changes and less maintenance. That equals more enjoyment, less hassle!