Sony XDR-S3HD HD Radio

Sony Updated: 2007-09-28
Sony XDR-S3HD HD Radio

Experience more choices, crystal clear sound, and no subscription fees. HD radio gives you more channels to choose from so you can hear more of what you like. Enjoy music the way it was meant to be heard with AM stations that deliver FM sound quality and FM stations that sound like your favorite CDs. All you need is an HD radio receiver. HD Radio, Discover It.

High Fidelity AM/FM/HD Radio™ Technology

Clear static-free HD digital radio reception

FM Multicasting
HD Radio provides the ability to receive multiple program streams over a single FM frequency.

Data services
HD Radio provides text based information - artist name, song title, etc. which are scrolled across the receiver display.

No monthly subscription fees
HD Radio programming is free, unlike satellite radio where you have to purchase a subscription.

Backlit LCD Display
easy to see large, full-dot backlit LCD display has brightness, contrast and display mode adjustments.

Digital Tuning
for accurate tuning of radio stations.

Clock with alarm time setting
Wake up to the radio, buzzer or line-in source.

Wireless Remote Control

Wood Based Cabinet
with simulated cherry wood finish is designed to fit into any decor with style.

Stereo Speakers with Bass reflex sound system

Treble, bass tone control and surround sound functions

20 FM and 20 AM Presets