Bose FreeSpace Model 32 Loudspeaker

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Bose FreeSpace Model 32 Loudspeaker

This flush-mount, high-performance loudspeaker is engineered for locations with ceilings up to 30 feet (10m). This 32-watt loudspeaker combines compact size and elegant design with high-fidelity sound and ease of installation.

Bose® FreeSpace® Model 32 loudspeakers deliver full, natural music and clear, intelligible paging. Even at low volume, music retains its deep bass, rich vocals and crisp highs.

Enclosures and grilles are available in white and can be painted to match the surroundings.

Full-Range Driver Technology

Using advanced proprietary technology, Bose® full-range drivers deliver a unique combination of performance, small size and reliability.

They provide smooth frequency response and a wide coverage for lifelike music reproduction and exceptional speech intelligibility - without annoying gaps in volume and tone.

Full-range drivers are used in a variety of Bose professional speakers. They are more reliable than conventional speakers whose small, separate tweeters often cannot handle the high power and extended use demands of professional applications.