Roland MA-15D Digital Stereo Micro Monitor

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Roland MA-15D Digital Stereo Micro Monitor

The MA-15D stereo reference monitors are ideal for computer-based recording artists seeking a high-quality, powerful set of reference speakers to use in a relatively confined space. The MA-15D’s offer a wide-range spectrum and crystal-clear audio reproduction.

* Bass Enhancer
* 24-bit/192kHz support, S/PDIF optical & coaxial input
* Subwoofer output port for bass boost
* 15 watts per channel
* 3 independent source inputs: 1/8" line, RCA pin line (L/R), and S/PDIF (optical & coaxial)
* Front-controlled bass, treble, and 2 independent volume controls
* 100 mm (4") woofer + 50 mm (2") tweeter, 2 way bass-reflex enclosure
* 1/4" headphones port
* Magnetically shielded

The MA-15Ds feature a built-in Bass Enhancer, which operates on psychoacoustic principles that converts low frequencies into a series of overtones the human ear cannot distinguish from the original low frequencies. This allows the listener to perceive bass frequencies outside of the normal range of the speaker cone, without overdriving the woofer. With the Bass Enhancer the MA-15Ds offer a strong low-end in a very compact set of reference speakers. In addition the MA-15Ds offer a Sub-Out port, to connect a subwoofer.

The MA-15Ds accept input from digital sources through either the coaxial or optical S/PDIF ports, supporting up to 24-bit/192kHz sources. With this, you can connect digital sources directly to your speakers, keeping an unadulterated audio signal all the way to the power amplifier in your speakers. Hear exactly what you have recorded!

The MA-15Ds offer conveniently placed Volume and Tone controls. While a large studio setup typically uses a mixer to control output level to the speakers, compact desktop setups can rarely afford the space a mixer requires. This is not an issue with the MA-15Ds, as you can adjust your output volume and tone right on the front of the speaker.

You can also connect two different sources directly into the MA-15Ds, allowing you to listen to audio from any two line-level sources. You can have both your computer and your stereo connected to the MA-15Ds, for example. The MA-15Ds offer independent volume control for each of these inputs, effectively taking the place of a small desktop mixer for monitoring.

You can also plug headphones directly into the MA-15Ds and mix without disturbing other people. Plugging in headphones automatically defeats the speakers, allowing you to mix without disturbing others, and without having to disconnect anything in your setup.

The MA-15Ds are magnetically shielded for close proximity to your computer monitor.