Iomega 32324 External Zip 750MB USB Drive

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Iomega 32324 External Zip 750MB USB Drive

Zip® drives offer you the capacity you need and the ruggedness you demand for everyday use. With firmware-based password protection, drag-and-drop file management, and high read-write speeds, the ZIP platform continues to be a favorite portable storage solution for users today.


* Store up to 750MB Per Disk (equal to 521 floppy disks)
* USB and ATAPI interfaces available
* Writes to 750MB and 250MB disks, reads 100MB disks

What You Get

1. Zip 750MB Drive
2. One HTML users manual
3. One year warranty


* Drive: 750MB
* Disk read and write: 750MB, 250MB
* Disk read only: 100MB

Interface/connection type:

* USB 2.0 (will operate with USB 1.x, but at 1.x performance levels)
* What is USB?
* Standard USB cable connection

Weight: 180g
Dimensions (L x W x H): 175mm x 110mm x 21mm

Media compatibility:
* Read/write: 750MB, 250MB
* Read only: 100MB

Sleep (spin down) time: 15 minutes
Read/write protection: Only available when using IomegaWare™ software
Seek time: Average seek time: Less than 29ms
Data transfer rate: USB 2.0: Up to 7.5 MB/sec