Promise VTrak M300i RAID Storage System

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Promise VTrak M300i RAID Storage System

Robust, high-availability, high-performance RAID storage connected through a dual host-port hardware-accelerated iSCSI interface

VTrak M300i Highlights

* 12 Hot-Swap drive bays in a robust 2U chassis
* Supports 3Gb/s and 1.5Gb/s Serial ATA drives -- NCQ and TCQ
* Dual iSCSI host ports (Gb Ethernet), cluster-ready
* Fully redundant, hot-swap power and cooling
* 256MB ECC cache, battery-backed and expandable to 512MB (must purchase through Promise)
* Comprehensive embedded web-based management via Ethernet
* Network management through web-based application, email, SNMP,WBEM/CIM, SSL
* LUN Masking and Mapping enable SANs and large clusters
* Multiple global or designated hot-spare drives
* PerfectRAID™ and Predictive Data Migration™ technology for robust error handling and recovery

Low-cost, feature-rich storage for outstanding productivity
The Promise VTrak M300i is a budget-maximizing, high-performance RAID storage solution optimized for organizations deploying small to medium application clusters, disk-to-disk backup and mid-range SANs. Dual 1Gb Ethernet iSCSI host interface ports provide cost-effective IP SAN connectivity using ubiquitous Gigabit Ethernet networking components, perfect for building new application storage systems and networks using an existing Ethernet network infrastructure. The VTrak M300i combines advanced connectivity and storage features--sophisticated functionality, exceptional performance, rock-solid reliability, and high availability--with intelligent system design for a very affordable solution.

The VTrak M300i--small in price, big on capability
The VTrak M300i combines the benefits of SATA drives with the simplicity and affordability of iSCSI. High performance, hot-swap SATA drives provide an exceptional platform for low-cost, high-density storage with proven reliability and unparalleled price per gigabyte. The iSCSI host interface provides simple SAN and network connectivity support. Enterprise-ready features--fully redundant power and cooling, a battery-backed cache, and Promise's unique Predictive Data Migration™ and PerfectRAID™ technologies--provide high levels of availability and data integrity.

High storage density for flexibility and economy
The VTrak M300i supports up to 12 off-the-shelf drives per system, offering industry-leading capacity in just 2U of standard 19" rack space. The system is designed for maximum density, increasing capacity per unit of rack space. By taking advantage of unsurpassed capacity of SATA drives, the VTrak system delivers the highest capacity levels available. Multiple VTrak systems can also be connected to the same SAN or server using standard Ethernet cables and switches to deliver massive storage to capacity hungry applications such as disk-to-disk backup, media archiving, video surveillance and compliance storage.

Comprehensive remote management
Promise VTrak M-Class systems feature an updated Promise Array Manager that is embedded into the system, eliminating the need to install additional software on the network. Promise's monitoring software is designed to offer professional management capabilities in a simple-to-use format. With Promise Array Manager, all VTrak M-Class
systems in your network can be configured and monitored through a single, easy-to-manage Web-based graphic user interface. The software works through the VTrak system's Ethernet port--locally or across a network TCP/IP connection--to monitor arrays, configure the system, and provide error reporting through pop-up windows or email notification. Additionally, the VTrak family simplifies integration with third-party management applications using industry-standard SNMP and WBEM protocols.

Storage and server consolidation delivers cost savings
The VTrak M300i incorporates advanced SAN and cluster support features such as advanced LUN Masking and Mapping. With support for 256 Logical Drives (LUNs) per array and 32 LUNs per physical drive, the M300i delivers a robust, flexible platform for storage and server consolidation and advanced costs savings. By sharing storage resources among multiple servers, users can take advantage of high availability configurations and employ resource sharing for cost effective storage solutions that maximize capacity utilization. The VTrak M300i supports up to 32 iSCSI hosts connecting to and utilizing capacity on the same M300i without security breaches or sharing conflicts.