VTech ip831 Internet Phone

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VTech ip831 Internet Phone

The ip831 is an accessory handset for the ip8300 and requires the base unit to operate.

Access online content from any room in the house
The VTech ip8300 infoPhone is an advanced broadband-enabled telephone that combines standard telephony calling and personalized content delivery in a sleek design.

* Yahoo! communication services: Effortlessly communicate using your Yahoo! account--check e-mail, access your online address book and send and receive instant messages.
o Real-time IM chat and access to your buddy list
o Review and respond to e-mail
* Yahoo! Local search: Use your handset to find an emergency plumber or look up the number to your favorite restaurant.
o Call from the directory with the touch of a button
o Access additional information like hours, special offers and reviews
* Get information delivered directly to the handset: Customize your profile to receive personalized news headlines, sports scores, horoscopes and weather forecasts with the touch of a button.
o Information comes directly from the Internet--no need to turn on your PC
o A convenient and easy way to stay caught up on your favorite topics
* Personalization: Create profiles for each member of the family including:
o Communication services (e-mail, IM and address book)
o Content channels (news, sports, horoscope, weather and more)
o Securely access your profile from any handset in the home

How it works
In addition to being a standard cordless telephone, the VTech ip8300 infoPhone connects to the Internet and allows you to access online content. To operate, you will need a broadband Internet connection, such as cable or DSL, and a broadband router. Simply connect the base to a standard telephone line and to your broadband router, and then plug the base station in to an electrical outlet. With the press of a button you can access weather forecasts, news headlines, and Yahoo! Local search on the handset!

Minimum System Requirements

* Computer with web browser for setup only
* High speed Internet/broadband connection
* Broadband router with available LAN port

Key Features

* DECT 6.0 Digital technology provides the best sound quality, security and range in cordless phones
* Accessory handset only—requires the base unit to operate; no phone jack required
* Expandable up to 5 handsets using only one phone jack
* Caller ID/call waiting*—stores 50 calls
* High resolution 64K color display
* Handset speakerphone—enjoy hands-free conversations

Additional Features

* Conference an outside call between handsets
* Intercom between handsets—no more shouting, "Dinner Time!"
* Transfer calls between handsets—no more shouting, "It's for you!"
* Any key answer
* Backlit keypad and display
* Comfortable handset size
* Handset volume control
* Voicemail waiting indicator

Access To Online Content

* PC independent—connect the telephone base to your broadband router for always-on access
* Personalized Internet content includes: news headlines, sports scores, horoscopes and weather forecasts on the handset
* Yahoo! Local search—find a plumber or your favorite restaurant from the handset

Yahoo® Communication Services

* Access your Yahoo! address book
* Real-time IM chat and access to your buddy list
* Review and respond to e-mail


* Create secure individual profiles for each member of the family
* Customize ring tones, wallpaper and color theme