Kenwood TK-2200L/3200L Compact VHF/UHF FM Portable Radios

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Kenwood TK-2200L/3200L Compact VHF/UHF FM Portable Radios

Kenwood's compact model TK-2200L/3200L professional grade job site potables, sets the standard on ruggedness, features, and performance. The perfect solution for construction, retail, hospitality, warehousing, industrial, facilities management and rental fleet applications. The modern design contours present a functional and attractive form factor. The non-slip elastomer channel knob and switch torque ensures positive selection and resists accidental charging. The TK-2200L/3200L 2-channel models satisfy the most common two-way requirements. The 8-channel models provide plenty of capacity for multiple channels or radio systems. A single channel frequency can be re-used with different encode ID's for selective calling or simple remote control applications.

General Features
* 2 W (150-174 MHz) VHF
* 2 W (450-470 MHz) UHF
* 2, 8 & 15* Channel Models
* Single Priority / Normal Scan
* Transmit / Busy / Call Alert / Scan / Warn LED
* 2 PF Keys
* Super Lock (Manager Key Lock)
* 500 mW Speaker Audio
* Enhanced Kenwood Audio
* Companded Audio
* Voice Annunciation
* VOX Ready
* Voice Inversion Scrambler Built-in
* QT / DQT
* DTMF Encode / Decode1
* 8 Call Alerting Tones2
* Channel Confirmation Mode**
* Time Out Timer
* Busy Channel Lockout
* Low Battery Warning
* Battery Saver
* Windows® Programming & Tuning3
* Wireless Cloning
* MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F
* IP-54/55 Water & Dust Intrusion

* PTT ID Digital ANI
* Selective Call4

* KNB-45L Li-Ion Battery
* KSC-35K 3-Hour Fast Charger
* KBH-10 Spring Action Belt Clip
* Removable Antenna

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